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Talktronics believes that the primary purpose of having a website is to provide information, not to gather it. As is true with many other website owners, however, personal information is often imparted to us through our websites. We are committed to protecting our visitors' privacy and have a policy of safeguarding our visitors' personal information from unauthorized disclosure, access and use. Below we explain how our websites may obtain personal information, what we do with it, and how we protect it.

Information Gathered Through Traffic Monitoring
Like many other websites, our website is equipped with a program which monitors traffic by automatically recording each visitor's host and/or IP address. This program tracks the number of times the site is hit, how many visitors come to the site, and which parts of the site they frequent. Talktronics does not retain the addresses collected by the program, nor do we disclose them to anyone outside of the company. We simply use the information to assess the effectiveness of our site.

Information Gathered Through Registration
In a few locations within our site, visitors may be asked to fill out a registration or otherwise volunteer personal information. Typically, the requested information may include an e-mail address, a business address, an indication of preferences, and the like. Talktronics takes precautions to assure that information gathered from visitors by way of registration is not disclosed to any unauthorized third parties. Also, we use the data for very limited purposes, for example, to apprise the registrant of new product offerings or to tailor a set of browsing preferences for subsequent visits to our site. The company does not use the information to call upon the visitor, unless the visitor expressly asks to be contacted in the future.


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